New building


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Our new building is up and running with our Key Stage 2 classes and it’s looking fab! We have had lots of big photographs printed to go on the walls and the staff have been working really hard on their displays outside the classroom. We will be planning a formal opening and will let you know when this will be.

Headteacher or turnip?


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Just a little something that gardening club grew!

Our March 2013 Reading Week


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Monday 11th March:  We began the week with ‘Stay and Read’. Many of our parents and family stayed with their children to share books from around the classroom. It was a great chance to see many of our dads in school!

Tuesday 12th March : On Tuesday, our guest author, Julia Jarman, visited us at Kingsley. Julia has written over a hundred books for children including: ‘Class Two at the Zoo’, ‘Big Red Bus’ and ‘The Time Travelling Cat’ series.  Julia read stories to all our of our pupils. She used props and rhymes to entertain our younger listeners. After school, Julia signed many of her books for her fans!
Reading together Julia Jarman Reading week

Wednesday 13th March: During the morning, all pupils worked together as ‘Reading Buddies’. They shared books with one another and the older children tested the younger ones out with questions about their books!

Thursday 14th March:  Reading Week ended with ‘The Secret Reader’ – each teacher swapped class for half an hour to read a favourite story of theirs to another age group.
It was also the last day of ‘The Travelling Book Fair’. Many lucky children had new books bought for them to read at home. We hope that you enjoyed Reading Week!

Chicks have arrived !!!


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Good Morning, our eggs have just been delivered, the incubators are in Miss Gallones class and in the small room between 5 and 6. Later on this week we expect to have hatched 20 chicks. These are from the Happy Chick Company and after two weeks they collect them to return to their farms, every year the children are keen to keep the chicks at school, unfortunately this year it is not possible with all the building work going on , but i do intend to look into this for the future as we develop the courtyard into a outdoor classroom.

If you have siblings that would like to come in and see the chicks later on this week feel free to bring them in at the end of the school day they really are very cute.

During the next few days we will be trialing a texting service for informing parents of upcoming events, obviously theis is relaiant on us having up to date numbers on our system. So dont be suprised if you receive a text from school in the near future. We would welcome your feedback on this service !


Thank you and have a good week

School closure


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I apologise for any inconvienience caused by our school closure on Monday, i am sure you appreciate how dangerous and slippy the roads are outside the school,Friday afternoon we witnessed two accidents on the road,( you may have noticed the dent in the school fence.)  Mrs Long rang the council offices friday afternoon and requested the gritting of the road as an emergency, but to no avail, apparently they will put us onto their schedule next year !!

Year 3 have made some fantastic dragons for their home learning thank you to all those at home that helped.


Sue Lane



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Update regarding Wave 1 extensions


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I have received the following update from Northamptonshire County Council.

The contract variation involves our PFI provider, Northampton Schools Ltd (NSL), who are required to consult with all eleven banks involved in the PFI arrangements. There has been a lot of work to get all the documentation to a stage where agents for the banks are in a position to present everything to the relevant bank committees. The latest telecon between NSL with the lenders took place last week and below are the salient points.

·Lenders believe that the variation was well constructed and addressed all the points of concerns.
·NSL believe that the lenders should be able to respond with their approval of the variation within the next 4 weeks, but this was not confirmed by the lenders.
·NSL, the lenders and their agents will continue to actively work towards approval and to secure this as soon as possible. Part of the delay is the different timescales of lender committees.

Upon approval NCC and NSL will seek to finalise all documentation as swiftly as possible but it is envisaged this may take a couple of weeks. As soon as we have lender approval NCC will engage with each school in wave 1 to discuss mobilising the construction. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Colin Barrett Strategic Estates Manager
Property Asset Management
Northamptonshire County Council
County Hall,
PO Box 128
Tel: 07545420581
Fax: 01604-236979